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Vulnerability analysis, also known as vulnerability assessment, is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure. This enables an understanding of where True Business Risks Lie and describes which vulnerabilities should be addressed and how to address effectively. Proactively detecting cyber threats is key to the ability to defend against them. It roots the confidence of the customer in your organization.

Vulnerability Assessment  from a technical perspective identifies, quantifies and prioritizes the information security strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s computing environment and provides a plan-of-action so that you can mitigate risk of serious consequences from any exploitable components that can lead to unauthorized access.

Vulnerability Assessment Services

  • Identify and understand the business processes to focus on Critical and Sensitive

  • Find Hidden Data Sources as often they contain the Most Sensitive Data of organization.

  • Determine what hardware underlies applications and data .

  • Maps the Network Infrastructure that connects the hardware.

  • Vulnerability scans for the applications and data flows.

  • Reports to provide the information system deficiencies.

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scans see the threat levels in your network and learn how to fix them. For more advanced threat levels, GTIS will assist you in re-mediating those threats in the most effective way possible. It assists to defend your network against the latest threats. Identifying the vulnerabilities helps to rank and analyze the risk associated. These scans of network inventory gives insight of environment  and prioritize recommendations for each detected vulnerability. Identification benefits the preparation of your network against the latest threats.​

  • Comprehensive vulnerability report management and incident management platform

  • Adherence to internal policies and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Added Infrastructure Visibility

  • Gain Insights and Recommendations

  • Improve Your Overall Security Posture



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