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Ethical Hacking is an authorized way of hacking attempt targeting an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications and staff, to gain the access into its virtual assets. This kind of assessment looks for protection troubles and vulnerabilities on the inside of your company community with the identical bodily get right of entry to as a member of team of workers or other kinds of worker who has get right of entry to to the building. Penetration test is also is and ethical hacking with performed in a controlled environment.

The testing process is layered, and performed in four stages

An internal or internal infrastructure, Penetration test assesses what an insider attack could accomplish. An insider refers to anyone that has access to organizational applications, systems and data. This can include employees, contractors or partners.

The target is typically the same as external penetration testing, but the major differentiator is the attacker either has some sort of authorized access or is starting from a point within the internal network.

Internal network test generally:

  • Tests from the perspective of both an authenticated and non-authenticated user to assess potential exploits;

  • Assesses the vulnerabilities that exist for systems that are accessible to authorised login IDs and that reside within the network; and

  • Checks for misconfigurations that would allow employees to access information and inadvertently leak it online.


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