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The underlying principles of every SIEM system is to aggregate relevant data from multiple sources, identify deviations from the norm and take appropriate action. For example, when a potential issue is detected, a SIEM system might log additional information, generate an alert and instruct other security controls to stop an activity’s progress.

SIEM Process



Shortens the time it takes to identify threats significantly, minimizing the damage from those threats.

It is offering a complete view of an organization’s information security environment, making it easier to gather and analyse security information to keep systems safe all of an organization’s data goes into a centralized repository where it is stored and easily accessible;


can be used by companies for a variety of use cases that revolve around data or logs, including security programs, audit and compliance reporting, help desk and network troubleshooting;

supports large amounts of data so organizations can continue to scale out and increase their data;

provides threat detection and security alerts; and

can perform detailed forensic analysis in the event of major security breaches.

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