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Mobile devices and software have become indispensable because they make our daily life easier and more productive. However, they are frequently targeted by hackers due to the volume of data they process.

From banking apps to healthcare platforms, both private and public organizations are employing mobile apps in innovative and appealing ways today. With new vulnerabilities being discovered every day, managing security risk on these platforms is becoming increasingly difficult. Is your mobile application secure from hackers?

GTIS provides top-tier mobile app penetration testing services, as well as a comprehensive risk assessment for your business.

Penetration testing services from GTIS are meant to find and exploit security flaws in you mobile application in a safe and secure manner. All of our testing, are designed to identify hidden security concerns and provide the support and information needed to address them.

GTIS offers testing services for mobile apps. Our team of experts is experienced in evaluating mobile apps for Android, iOS, and other popular mobile platforms. 


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