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Firewall Review

At GTIS, the Firewall Configuration Review examines the system from the inside out, with complete access to its configuration, with the purpose of ensuring maximum perimeter security by producing the best possible review outcome.


GTIS thoroughly examines the firewall’s full setup in accordance with industry best practices, including PCI-DSS and Center for Internet Security guidelines, to guarantee that it is secure.

All detected firewall vulnerabilities and configuration concerns are provided to the customer, along with a risk assessment and mitigation or technical solution recommendations.

Our Firewall Security Review Services assist our clients in enhancing and maintaining their security perimeter against hackers attempting to disrupt company operations and data, as well as steal, alter, or delete critical data. Our services cover all major firewalls, switches, and routers, and include vulnerability assessments, configuration and management flaws, and non-compliance with industry standards and regulations such as PCIDSS, ISO 27001,  HIPAA and Others.


The GTIS Firewall Security Review Service finds loopholes in the external/internal network security architecture and may be matched to industry standards like PCI DSS and ISO/IEC 27001.


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