Protection from Advanced Threats


How to Block the Key Objectives of Most Attacks

Advanced threats change shape constantly to evade detection, but most of them have similar objectives and behaviors. Advanced threats generally seek to seize control of a legitimate user account, escalate privileges, and probe for and exfiltrate valuable data. They may attempt to do this with new exploits, targeted malware, spear phishing, social engineering techniques, password cracking or something else. But by knowing their objectives, you can form a more effective and efficient defense strategy. Upon thoroughly reviewing your strategy, you may find a need for more security expert resources. GTIS Managed Advanced Threat Protection can help you with that as well.

Only GTIS Managed Advanced Threat Protection provides enterprises of all sizes broad, effective and achievable security against constantly changing advanced criminal hacking techniques. Only GTIS offers attainable and immediately deployable solutions that block the key objectives of most advanced attacks by criminals against large and mid-sized companies.

GTIS Managed Advanced Threat Protection helps reduce vulnerabilities in networks, applications and databases, while blocking new and unknown malware at the web and email gateways – using strong authentication to thwart account takeover, detecting and containing breaches, and providing unparalleled visibility and control. GTIS offers protection across these critical points in the network, which work together to neutralize, inhibit and contain today’s breach techniques and the threats of tomorrow.


GTIS is unique among managed security services providers because we develop and manage so many of our own security products, and cover all the key areas required to provide thorough and effective advanced threat protection.

GTIS walks you through a clean methodology, “Inventory, Test, Remediate, Verify, Secure & Monitor” to shrink your attack surfaces and focus your efforts where they do the most good. GTIS can flexibly help you add or strengthen any protection layer – and do it so it fits your budget – all with the goal of achieving Advanced Threat Protection.

Challenge Solution
Reduce attack surfaces and vulnerabilities
  • Managed Security Testing
Prevent new and targeted malware from entering your organization
  • Managed Anti-Malware Service
  • Managed Email Security
  • Managed Endpoint Protection
Prevent hackers from stealing legitimate user account credentials
  • Managed Two-Factor Authentication
Prevent and detect hackers probing inside your network. Contain threats quickly.
  • Managed Endpoint Protection
  • Managed SIEM
  • Managed Threat Analysis
Prevent data exfiltration
  • Data Loss Prevention

Why do you require these solutions?

Organizations with limited resources should selectively deploy security solutions that inhibit the behaviors of advanced threats at the key choke points they must pass through to inflict their damage. That means:

  • Inventorying assets to know what needs securing
  • Testing the database, network and application layers for vulnerabilities to shrink the attack surface
  • Making best efforts at the gateway and desktop to stop unknown malware
  • Using strong authentication to inhibit account takeover
  • Minimizing the number of accounts with administrator privileges and monitoring them closely
  • Segmenting the network to make internal threat traversal harder
  • Deploying managed SIEM, threat correlation and data loss prevention to contain breaches and inhibit exfiltration.


  • There is a synergy to combining just the right innovative point solutions, all designed to work together, and having them managed by experts from the manufacturer who can keep them functioning optimally. GTIS Managed Advanced Threat Protection seeks to deliver maximum security benefit with utmost economy. GTIS understands you want to reliably block threats, as soon as possible to limit risk and expense. The GTIS solution includes the following benefits.

Broad Advanced Threat Protection

Only GTIS develops and manages technologies to help reduce network, application and database vulnerabilities, block targeted malware, thwart account takeover, and repel breaches.


Controls key choke points advanced threats must pass through to provide deep, powerful protection. The GTIS Managed Anti-Malware Service includes the unique Zero-Malware Guarantee.


GTIS experts can deploy and operate solutions for you, likely more economically than you can for yourself, and at just the right spots in your enterprise for maximum advanced threat protection and ROI.